Hero's Puppy for Life Organization

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Lieutenant Petey here - I am a little doodle that loves people, especially veterans who have served our country to keep it safe! I work at Red 6 as the Chief Morale Officer, and I’m so excited to tell you about our friends at Hero’s Puppy For Life.

Hero’s Puppy For Life helps provide a furry friend, like me, to a courageous warrior. By donating to my page, you’re helping to provide resources to veterans, so they can get their very own service dog, and receive the help they might desperately need.

I am doing my part to help those who have served our nation, so please consider donating to my page and supporting those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. 


Lt. Petey


Your donation supports the Hero's Puppy for Life Program through the Military Order of the Purple Heart. The organization has a goal to provide a service dog for a United States Hero living with post-traumatic stress disorder. For more information visit www.heropuppyforlife.org.